A Proposal :: Weekly Public Worship Gatherings


WORLDS IN COLLISION: Relearning Worship – Part 2
by Len Hjalmarson M.Div

Teaching and Worship PT 1
by Bill Bean

Worship (or Lack Thereof)
by Brian Groce

I’ve been thinking a lot about worship. I blogged about it not that long ago and the fellas in the three links above are all thinking about it too. This past weekend’s conversation with Eric Herron around the idea of a Missional Worship Artist were formative as well.

But this put me over the edge.

There is a Holy Drama in Liturgy that creates and environment for the Spirit and the People to co-mingle. It is a formative ooze that shapes and molds. It is also the most missional thing you can possibly do. And I’m beginning to think it should happen weekly.

Perhaps that strikes you as …. well “no, duh!” or maybe you think I just lost my House Church membership card. I hope neither.

I try not to be polemic. Usually.

I’m just beginning to wonder if there is a place for a weekly public – read: open to everybody and treated as such – time for gathering as a Larger (bigger than house church or household) Body to WORSHIP. I mean really get down and worship.

I’ve missed that. I’ve missed the passion of the liturgy, the loudness of the drums, the seeing of the many, the raising of hands….

I’m not sure what this may mean for VC or House Churches in general…. but I wonder if it is time to stand up in front of the world – vulnerable and naked in our passionate wonderment of an unseen deity who’s son died and (we say) came back to life. That may be the most missional thing we do all week long. But maybe that’s just me.


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