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John Wesley doesn’t like you (and you may not really be too fond of him either) Advertisements

I love electronic music. Really. Ok, not that impressive – not a very juicy confession. But still. Check this out: Laptop Battle or Fourth City DVD (free!) Anybody know of any good local electronic music artists?

This is good and ties in with an email that Dave Barr recently wrote about VC (for those in the know).  I’ve been thinking about similar thoughts of late.  They are still brewing…..  I long for a church that can be outwardly-focused without constantly pushing evangelism on the congregation, and for a church that does […]

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! We recorded and editted and posted a new conversation. Click to get the newest Conversatio Fide podcast. This one is REALLY good. Thanks so much to Len and Eric who conversed on this one. May you be blessed by it.

I’m trying out some new looks. The image(s) at the top are part of a javascript that will change each time you visit the page – click to refresh. Oh, and please subscribe via RSS (to the right). It so sad to see “2 readers” there (especially since I’m one of them!). Peace.

Coalition for Christian Outreach Independent Eye – click especially if you live, like, or have heard of Cincinnati My

Hebrew anyone?