The Futures of Evangelicalism


Book Alert:  (thanks paul)


I was surprised to discover online (in its entirety) a book I have in my library. First published (IVP / UK) in 2003. The book is titled: The Futures of Evangelicalism ed. Craig Bartholomew and others. I bought it because of the Eugene Peterson chapter, which a re-read suggests if a very broad overview of parts of his latest book.  You can find the online copy here.



Introduction: A Time to Reflect Craig G. Bartholomew, Cheltenham

Theology and the Futures of Evangelicalism Alister E. McGrath, Oxford.

Evangelicalism and the Church: The Company of the Gospel Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Chicago

Evangelicalism and Biblical Interpretation Howard Marshall, Aberdeen

Evangelicalism and Biblical Theology Graeme Goldsworthy, Sydney

Future Trends in Mission Christopher Wright, London

Evangelicalism and Ethics Robin Parry, Worcester

A Christian World-view and the Futures of Evangelicalism Craig G. Bartholomew, Cheltenham

Evangelical Spirituality Eugene H. Peterson, Vancouver

Evangelicalism and Philosophy Gregory J. Laughery, Lausanne

Evangelicalism and the Charismatic Movement (UK) Nigel Scotland, Cheltenham

Charismatic Evangelicals in North America and World Wide: Radicalizing Evangelical Theology and Practice Jonathan Ruthven, Virginia Beach

Evangelicalism and Politics Stephen Lazarus, Washington, DC

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