This is a nice post from Rogier.  Reminds me of similar feelings I’ve been having lately, but on different seasons.  This past Fall was like that moment when you breath …. out…. (and-before-you-breathe-in-when-it-is-still-and-restful-and-full-in-an-empty-sorta-way).  And now that we’re entering… or about to enter …. Spring…. I feel this Great Yearning of Creation…. Like the overfull-bursting-at-the-seems-on-the-inside-but-noone-on-the-outside-can-tell moment right before you ex…ha….le……… (ah.).  That’s what Spring is like for me right now.  About to burst-forth in crazy color.smell.warmth. 

Snowscape_1 Last night Holland was covered under a deep snow blanket. More now feel on our country than it has for 30 years. I love snow, and I have always wanted to live in a place where winter brought lots of snow. So I set out to make some pictures of snow landscapes. Here’s one of the pictures I came back with. I love the serenity. I love the silence. I love how you cannot see where earth stops and heaven starts. I love the sense of peace.



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