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Download audio here – Aaron’s (unformed) Thoughts on Leadership (mp3, 16mb) Lots has been percolating in my head around this topic this week and I try (somewhat successfully, you decide) to get some of them out and recorded. Here are some of the links from my rambling: Fr. Richard Rohr, “Sadness”Chris Erdman and Alan RoxburghPaul […]

Alan Creech at it again…. 🙂

Eric Herron, Peter White, Jeana Clark, Jason, and Jackie share thoughts on WALP at dinner.

Lots of discussion of leadership and expectations and assumptions afoot of late. I think this ties in on a deep level. Though, I admit, I’m not sure how to articulate it (that may be part of the point…). Fr. Richard Rohr, “Sadness” “The mystics call it the apophatic tradition, the tradition that has to accompany […]

This week in the not-so-sunny Southern California is a gathering of cardinals… er… i mean emerging church leaders. Its a super secret, invitation only meetin’ and the guest list is a closely guarded secret. (naturally I’m being facetious) But from what I can tell here is a blogger list of the luminaries gathered at Fuller/Allelon […]