WALP Blogging and a Diatribe


From Bald Man Blogging. Thanks! Now if Emerging Church would start PODCASTING their conferences!! Sorry this kinda pisses me off.

1) These conferences should be cheaper and during times when folks who don’t work for churches can actually come.

2) And anything that gets spoken through amplification should be digitally recorded and podcasted. Take a look at IT Conversations – IT, techie-stuff, recordings from all kinds of conferences. Do these make the “best” kind of podcasts – not necessarily. But if its out there make it available – FOR FREE. Is it the same as going to WALP or an Emergent Convention? No. That’s not the point. The point is opening up the doors of closely guarded church secrets. Yeah, blogging does that, but I believe allowing the audio to become accessible can do that to an even greater extent. Youth Specialities (who you could say has “perfected” the hip-cool pomo conference) has long made their audio available – but as a paid-for commodity. Sure, I understand that you need to cover the cost of reproduction and the materials (tapes and cds) – but Podcasting has none of that. Yeah, you need some server space and stuff, but I bet that could be arranged fairly easily. Really, this should be a no-brainer. I honestly don’t understand why it isn’t happening. Feel free to correct my errant ways! Really. But while you’re at it….

Free the media!

(I’m sure Aaron Flores could add some thoughts on the vlogging aspect of this too)

I have the opportunity to go to Emergent Nashville. You can be sure that I will podcast as much as possible.


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