Emerging Conclave


This week in the not-so-sunny Southern California is a gathering of cardinals… er… i mean emerging church leaders. Its a super secret, invitation only meetin’ and the guest list is a closely guarded secret. (naturally I’m being facetious) But from what I can tell here is a blogger list of the luminaries gathered at Fuller/Allelon for the Conclave… er… “Forming Leaders for the missional/emerging church”:

Kevin Rains
Mark Palmer
Andrew Jones
Doug Paggitt
Jason Evans
Ian Mobsby
Karen Ward
Rachelle Mee-Chapman
Malcolm Hawker
Steve Taylor
Ben Edson
Al Roxburgh
Dwight Friesen

From what I gather this is a tag-team event with Allelon and Fuller. I’m guessing Mark Priddy is there representin’ Allelon and that Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger are the Fullerites. Speaking of which Ryan and Eddie have a book coming out soon in which it appears that most of the people at this present event have been interviewed and quoted. The book (which I’ve been priveleged to preview, but can’t tell you more or I’d have to kill you) looks good and I’m curious how the content of their conversation this week ties in with what Ryan and Eddie discuss in the book. BTW – the book (“Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures“) is already listed on Amazon.com, but naturally you’ll buy it from Bill of Beanbooks when the time comes.

So, if you know of others at the Emerging Conclave (or are there yourself!) let me know. I look forward to hearing about and reading notes from the conversations.


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