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I wasn’t going to post today. Just needed a bit of a break. But this image caught me up. Click the image, read the post and the comments. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy on us – sinners all. Advertisements



Well, everybody else is doing it…. :: What is Your World View? (updated) Here are my results: Cultural Creative 88% Idealist 56% Postmodernist 56% Romanticist 56% Modernist 25% Fundamentalist 25% Existentialist 19% Materialist 0% What is Your World View? (updated)created with What I found intriquing was not so much the results. I’m a […]



I had a conversation with a friend today that got me thinking about focus. Or rather, I should say, the conversation reminded me of the ongoing internal and external conversation about focus. Focus for VC. Focus for our family. Focus for me. The focus for VC is a much larger thing that is in communal […]

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What he said.



That’s the word I was looking for last night at HC! For the life of me I couldn’t remember it! Anyway – we prayed it all the same: + Lord, Have Mercy + + Christ, Have Mercy + + Lord, Have Mercy + Further Up and Further In – Tricking them into polyphony: “The Kyrie […]

We need lots more of this – UrbanMonastery: “Wiki version of UrbanMonastery, a collaborative approach to finding ways forward in spirituality and life. You can edit any page on this site, so please contribute what you can.”

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it seems to me that there is of late a great proliferation of neat virtual toys in cyperspace – especially if you are a blogger – and extra-especially if you are conversant in the ways of the RSS. i’ve heard it says that not having RSS on your site is tantamount to being irrelevant in […]