post scriptum: Mister Pope


From the new dad David:

post scriptum: what happened…

Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) wrote in his best-seller “Salz der Erde( Salt of the world)” about the the future church. He wrote, that the future of the church is in decentralized small groups, who are living the Gospel with impact in a radical way in their neigbourhoods, social cultures and so on. Thanks for the support, Mister Pope.

First off, for a non-native englush spaker David has a great a wonderful wit and humor about it that comes through in english (i assume it is there in german too, but i know…. zero….. german. stupid american.).

Second, why is it that it seems that those Catholic folk “get it” in ways that make Protestants look silly? Rahner said similar things. Kung said as much too. I suspect Nouwen would be down with it too.

Third, I want to live this! I want my new ‘hood to become the fertile soil where Kingdom seed is scattered, watered, and grown. Fitting metaphor as tonight I overseeded our yard.

I love getting my hands dirty in the soil. There is much therapy and healing in gardening. I missed it and relish that I am doing it again. Not to mention yard work is incredible relationship building stuff. Tonight I got to talk with the following neighbors (some of which i met for the first time): Pattie, Carlos, Stacy, Carrie, Tom, and Marilyn. I helped Tom fix his computer, invited Carlos (who’s fiance is out of town till September!) over to dinner, and got to mow, overseed, and fertilize half the yard (oh, and moved a bunch of old firewood that needs to be burned).

Pray for my neighbors. Let the Kingdom come…. take root, sprout, and grow.


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