emergentYS Convention 2005


So, I’m going. Next week, weds – sat, i’ll be in Nashville for the gathering of those who can afford it. I’m excited about going. I feel like I’m going as a representative of VC. Its weird, I don’t feel like I’m going for myself, or on my own behalf. And I don’t mean this as a self-deprecating thing either, I am looking forward to going for me and for the time away from life-as-I-know-it. Tho, I’ll miss Sarah and Cloey alot and wish I could share this with them.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to what God does in Nashville that feeds into what God is doing here. I am, for all intensive purposes, a planner. I love things organized. I may seem carefree and spontaneous, but it is usually in the context of feeling like I know the overall PLAN. I sort things in my head well ahead of time. BUT, I’ve tried hard not to over-plan this trip. I’m going with Larry Bourgeois (of OSG, who is making it possible for me to go, btw! Thanks Larry!!!) and looking forward to relational time with him. Mainly I’m going to listen… to both presenters and, even more so, the participants. I’m going with portable-podcasting gear in hand. I will vlog, podcast, blog…. but I’m not going just be a recording robot… I want to listen with discernment. I want to create a way for others to listen in as well.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to while there:

+ Thursday Blogger Lunch

+ Hanging out with Phyllis Tickle

+ Hanging out with Alan Roxburgh

+ Seeing Star Wars III (I will do this… somethings are just more important than the emerging church 🙂 – anybody wanna come with?)

+ Meeting folks far and near who have graced the pages of my RSS reader (and those who haven’t)

See some of you there.

And if you can’t go (especially if you’re part of VC) then check out the schedule of stuff and let me know if you’d like me to check something out on your behalf.

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