Star Wars Episode III – Ticket Purchased!


Begun, the waiting has. I’m pumped. Tomorrow morning I leave at 6:00 AM from Cincinnati with Larry Bourgeois. We are Nashville and Emergent bound. Tomorrow night I’m headed off to see Episode III. So a long day indeed! But well worth it.

If you click on the tix it will take you here (Fandago). If you’re going to be at Emergent and want to come with that would ROCK. However, buy your tix soon. I just checked and the 12:04 show now says “sold out”. Maybe I got the last tix? No matter, the 12:05 is still open and we’d finish at the same time (+/- a minute).

Thursday I will be on caffeine. But I’m also excited about the Blogger Luncheon with Will and DJ. If we have wifi I’ll be on IM and can channel any Blogger/IMers who wish they could be there but can’t. Holler at me if you want to participate (assuming we have wifi).

May the Force be with you.

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