I had a conversation with a friend today that got me thinking about focus. Or rather, I should say, the conversation reminded me of the ongoing internal and external conversation about focus.

Focus for VC.

Focus for our family.

Focus for me.

The focus for VC is a much larger thing that is in communal process. I think the process of clarifying is going well. We’re talking it through with folks in the community and we’re drafting a “Rule” that will help orient and guide us as a community. I feel strongly that this will be good for us all and give us clarity of vision and purpose as we move forward together. VC isn’t perfect (as if that even needs said!), but we’re a good community that isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and work together for the sake of the Kingdom.

Focus for our family is becoming clearer. Next week is our last week as part of Tuesday night’s St. E’s house church. We became part of this church when we moved into the Brownhouse 1.5 years ago. I have been leading this small church for the last year or so. After next Tuesday this season comes to close. We knew when we moved out of the Brownhouse in Dec. that eventually we’d be moving on from this church so as to start something in our new neighborhood. That time has come and it is an odd feeling of commencement – a simultaneous ending and beginning.

So, to the best of my ability here’s how I articulate the season we’re headed into:

A Season of Space

– space to be present to one another as a family and in our neighborhood.

– space to navigate through this time of transition into new jobs for both Sarah and I and a new routine for Cloey.

Those are the two main areas as a family that help provide focus for us.

Focus for me. In light of those two realities (VC and Family) where am I personally focused?

I really don’t want to make a list (its so linear), but it will have to do:

– Christ (I want to be more attentive in the disciplines of solitude, silence, and prayer)

– Family (I want to be more available for Sarah and Cloey)

– Neighborhood (I want to be around enough to really build relationships with my neighbors)

– Vineyard Central (I want to focus on nurturing leaders of house churches and the overall health of the network)

I feel like these 4 things are possible in this Season of Space. Not that they weren’t before, but I believe they tie in with this spaciousness that we’re attempting to hold.

Noticed I didn’t include work. I didn’t include a lot of things that I do. But in terms of where my mind is at, these things are of primary focus. The things I do for money will require my attention and focus – and I don’t regret that. I am excited about what I’m doing at Old Saint George with Larry – we’re really close to having him blogging. And I’m excited about this new chapter at Cincinnati Christian Schools and what God has in store for me there. I believe he has called me to both places – OSG and CCS. But my call/vocation and my income are not mutually exclusive.

I believe my Vocation includes all those things listed above – obviously not all in the same amounts or percentages. But in a wholistic sense.

I’m not sure I’m expressing myself very well. But I’ll close with this. I feel focused. I’m pretty clear about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I know there are things I can’t and shouldn’t be doing right now and I hope and pray that with my family/community I stay out of those. I want to be responsible for what God has placed before me – and not try to take on more than I should. I feel comfortably full.

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