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Gone Fishin’


Well, sorta. I’ve mentioned it before, but from July 1-31 I’ll be taking a Digital Sabbatical/Sabbath. This means NO blogging, IMing, Cellphone for July. The main reason is because I just need a break. I have been working on computers so much these past several years that I just really would like to go through […]

And so it ends


In 3 minutes my tenure at P&G ends. I’ve been here – as a temp/contractor – for a year and a half. I was supposed to be here 2 weeks. Funny how God has different plans… I find myself on the verge of tears – which is odd because I’ve looked forward to this day […]

St. Anthony at the Hermitage retreat Originally uploaded by Kevin Rains. Mr. Urban Monastic – Kevin Rains himself – is now on Flickr. All statues of Saints, sunsets, and ATVs beware the deft click of Kevin’s Canon.

UGH! I need to vent. We “bounced a check” again (except it wasn’t a check, but a debit card purchase, but anyway). I am so frustrated. I’m tired of being so tight on funds. We knew that moving into this house would stretch us initially and that Sarah would need to work for this to […]

I’ve been infected by Pete Sherry. See Crawling Off The Altar: Book Meme Infection Book Meme Infection1. Total number of books I’ve ownedI have no idea….. 6 book cases worth. 2. Last book I boughtCourage to Teach – Parker Palmer 3. Last book I readPrayer is a Place – Phyllis Tickle 4. Five books that […]

No, this isn’t another Quiz Farm quiz. Its from Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed (the blog and the book). Check it out – Jesus Creed: Spiritual Formation Test.

Hum…. I guess the title kinda says it. “My Wife the Pastor, or Diversity in Leadership, or Why are tall white guys with college educations so often church leaders, or Its Friday and I’m glad” But really. My Wife the Pastor – I don’t blog a ton about my family. There are probably good and […]