VC Assets


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This past weekend we gathered some folks to talk through VCs Future in light of some outside advice we got from Bart Campolo. We looked hard at our past and our future (not to mention present) and came up with these assets.

Jesus-Centered. (this emerged as primary)

creative. flexible. risk-taking. fluid. smart. resilance. smart-assed. st. e’s.

like good food. good web. authentic. living transparently. genuine. sincere. can laugh at ourselves. bigger is not always better. varying levels of commitment available.

can share lives. communally with each other. justice-minded. tech ability to communicate. hospitality. regionally-nationally-globally-relationally-connected. core group whos lives intersect more than usual. open to family. value children. campus=Norwood. relationally-oriented.

ecumenical. openess to different backgrounds. value spiritual formation. eclectic. worship-orientation.

contemplative. mysticism. sense of discernment. Spirit-led. liturgy.

Or download the PDF (of Julie’s wonderful visual rendering and Elizabeth’s colorful sorting)


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