Time to go


I have a blog post in me that I can’t quite figure out how to get “out”. There’s a lot brewing and it needs to stew a bit longer I guess. It may even be worthy of an actual article for some high-falutin publication or something. Here’s the jist of it:

I’ve been thinking a lot about TIME of late – not the magazine – but the concept of Time. The recent article in Wired (Wired 13.06: Time’s Up, Einstein) about Peter Lynds was part of the inspiration, but also reading about Godly Play and the ideas of Liturgical Drama/Time/Calendar and Kairos Time. Likewise I was reading Phyllis Tickle’s book last night, Prayer is a Place, and she talks about life as a series of beads on a string. And I’ve been listening to Doug Pagitt’s “New Theology for a New World: Reconstruction of Theology” seminar from the emergent conf., wherein he talks about Quantum Physics and such things. All in all, I have lots of thinking to do.

Here’s an attempt at a thesis: Time is sequence of events, not a universal constant, therefore, “Time” can be understood as a theological construct whereby God’s presence and activity (Kairos) supercedes Human “time management” and action (Chronos).

The implications of this (if that even made sense, which I’m not sure it did) are vast and profound. For me one of those implications is the sense that there are some moments that feel longer… weighter, more pregnant/birthing with God’s Spirit and there are moments (long ones – days perhaps) that pass seemingly with no import or presence (the beginning of this week for me). Where as the breadth of the events of last night more than made up for the paltry Monday and Tuesday, even though by quantity they were significantly different (48 vs. 4 hours).

Ok, I really need to think more on this. Anybody else got ideas?

PS – more on Peter Lynds:
his web


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