Chemosynthesis as a metaphor for leadership in the dark places


Really Deep Bacteria that do good stuff for really deep animals in deep dark places. Click to read the sciency stuff.

So I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor here for leadership and for being the People of God. Dwight Friesen has talked about “presencing” at the bottom of the “U”. And my pretty sure that in these deep dark places along the journey we need some bacteria who do the Chemosynthesis work of absorbing the smelly sulfur spewing from the brokenness of our souls and converting it into energy for life. I’m thinking that maybe that is one of the jobs of leaders in a Body. They take the spew that would otherwise be destructive and through a Holy Spirit enabled process it becomes life-giving. That in the deep dark places where the brokenness of persons and communities is most exposed there exist person who go down with them. It’s the “Go Down” in the “Go down Moses, way down to Pharoah land”. Its the “Go down” of Abraham and Isaac and a lamb got in the thicket. Its the “Go Down” of Jesus to the dead.

What would it look like if we as leaders of faith communities became like bacteria that was almost invisible but went down to the dark places and engaged in the process of death becoming life?

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