Jesus Creed: What Should Pastors Read?


Blogging Theologians! What a concept! Check out this great post by Scot McKnight – Jesus Creed: What Should Pastors Read?.

I’d probably tweak his list a bit, but apart from that here’s what I’d add:

7. Read some blogs.

…. (here’s how I’d expand this) Here are some recommendations on which blogs to read.

– Read some of the blogging forebearers

Andrew Jones, Alan Creech, Karen Ward, Jonny Baker, Jordon Cooper, etc… they have been doing this for a while and that often comes through in the thoughtfulness of their writing.

– Read equal parts male and female bloggers

I find this very helpful. The blogging culture started out as male-oriented (probably becuz it was originally geek-oriented and that is typically male-oriented).

– Read the bloggers in your church

This is so important! Not to keep “tabs” on people but to listen in on people’s real life’s, their heart, their interests, their frustrations… Likewise, and this might take more digging, but if you have youth in your community who blog DEF. read them. I’ve been regularly amazed at their insights.

– Read the bloggers in your tradition

I grew up UMC and reading bloggers like Jay Voorhes helps me keep up with my heritage. While now I’m in a Vineyard church and keeping up with is helpful too. Of course, its also a good idea to read folks in OTHER traditions as it will stimulate and broaden one’s thinking. Reading (or listening to podcasts like The Catholic Insider) blogs from Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc…. perspectives have helped me appreciate their theology and praxis all the more.

*** And of course, use a RSS reader/aggregator (like NewsGator) to read all these, it makes it much much easier to keep up. (Oh, yeah you should really read Next-Wave too – Charlie does a great job being a human aggregator of really good emerging church stuff.)

8. Read stuff that isn’t “Christian” and gives a sense of the pulse of the culture. Wired Magazine has been this for me lately. But Newsweek and BusinessWeek to some extent too. Bookwise Douglas Coupland is always good. I also continue to find great cultural insights from Science Fiction, authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Neal Stephenson.


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