Cheapskate or I love/hate money


UGH! I need to vent. We “bounced a check” again (except it wasn’t a check, but a debit card purchase, but anyway). I am so frustrated. I’m tired of being so tight on funds. We knew that moving into this house would stretch us initially and that Sarah would need to work for this to work… well she’s going to … but doesn’t start till August. And my last day at P&G is Friday and then we have 5 weeks of very very strict frugality. I’ll be in training for 3 of those 5 and will make a small amount, but not nearly enough.

** By the way – I’m hesitant to share all this. I have this voice in my head that says that money matters (and politics) should be kept quiet and not shared openly. Well, I think that’s hogwash and b***s***, if we can’t talk about this kinda thing then it creates all sorts of opportunity for deception and stupidness. Anyway, I think its best to keep these things respectfully out in the open as much as possible.

So, I’m irritated. Not really that we don’t make enough money to cover the bills. That will take care of itself once we start our new jobs (we won’t be rolling in the do’, but it will cover the expenses). What I’m really really really irritated at is myself. I’m pissed that I/we haven’t been more careful with our spending. Not that we’ve been running up thousands of dollars on credit cards. No, we only have one and its an AmEx that we pay off each month. But we’ve been less than careful and have dipped into savings more than we would have liked.

What I’m really concerned about… what is really grating on my soul is my attitude. My lack of stewardship, my wander-lust about stuff, things, digits in my bank account. I’m tired of living this way. I want to live a simple life. I want to spend less – not make more. Heck, I’d be happy with a simplistic life! I don’t like how money and things control me. How I so easily let myself be moved by such things.

I need to hear these words from a Wise Sage:

A Cheapskate:

– Does not spend more money that he/she earns, no matter how desperate or tempting the situation might appear.

– Has a spirit of generosity, regularly sharing money, time, and other resources with people in need.

– Lives honestly and ethically, regardless of the temptation to do otherwise in order to get a better deal.

– Saves at least 10 percent of all income.

– Does not buy compulsively but makes intelligent and well-thought-out choices.

– Lives within a financial plan that includes a margin to allow for fun and spontaneity.


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