Gone Fishin’


Well, sorta.

I’ve mentioned it before, but from July 1-31 I’ll be taking a Digital Sabbatical/Sabbath. This means NO blogging, IMing, Cellphone for July. The main reason is because I just need a break. I have been working on computers so much these past several years that I just really would like to go through some days without staring at a screen. I think my brain needs a break!

Beyond that, it will be something of a spiritual discipline in abstinance and learning to function in the analog world again for a bit.

The one drawback (or so I thought) to this was that I have 3 weeks of Cisco Networking training (obviously on the computer!). It started today, so 2 of the weeks will be during July. So this is kinda an exception to the sabbatical – sorta. The more I reflect on this thing it seems to me that the sabbath is more from connecting thru the computer than actually being on the computer (though this is part of it too).

In other words, I need to dial down. I’m a network by nature. I love connecting people (and stuff). Its a good thing, but it can spread me thin and I really need to kinda mentally/emotionally/spiritually “stay home”. This means taking a break from the World Wide Web. What I’m discovering today – on my first day of training – is that this will help me in my studying too.

I’m finding that this Cisco networking stuff is very much like Greek and Music Theory – complex systems of “language” – ways of organizing and inter-connecting information and ways of meaning. I LOVE this stuff!!! Its the geek in me I suppose. But it really gets me excited! So, 2 realizations:

1. It uses parts of my brain that otherwise are dormant. I love learning and I very much believe that any learning – especially complex systems (like language or systems) require deep learning that is stimulating my brain/mind. I believe this will make me a better teacher, leader, pastor, friend, etc…. I want to continue learning throughout my life for this very reason.

2. Because this requires “deep learning”, I really need to focus and study study study. I have about 4 hours of work to do tonight and then 6 hours of training each day for the next three weeks. So this may be my last blog entry till August! I need to focus.

So….. I’ll be back. I will begin blogging, emailing, IMing, and cellphoning again August 1st. But until then I’ll be here – in good ol’ Cincy – studying, learning, reading, and (after the training is over) working on our basement (still refinishing it) and hanging out with family and friends. I can be reached on my home phone (feel free to call).

Peace to you. Much Peace.


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