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Really…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone. I don’t think Bobby and Tari read my blog, but we had church tonight with them and they don’t know it…. you probably shouldn’t tell them. They are new friends of ours and neighbors from across the street. They came over for dinner (I grilled us some steaks and Sarah […]

Daily Nightly – blog by Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News. The walls of professional isolationism are cracking. Or its the beginning of the Corporate take-over of the blogosphere.

This fall I’m teaching a computer networking class at CCS. The curriculum is provided through Cisco Networking Academy. We have gotten off to a great start with Nine 11th and 12th graders. One of the requirements for the class is that each student blog (or journal, but they all choose to blog). They can blog […]

Read: Put Me in Coach: Loaves and Fishes – “Back near the beginning of the summer, my church gave 50 families each $50 as “seed” money for a “Kingdom Assignment”. The objective to prayerfully consider doing something for the Kingdom; there were no stated restrictions or guidelines. Our family prayed and discussed how we were […]




I’m working on our Household Budget Worksheet, we’re NOT in overwhelming credit card debt (we have a little from my month of unemployment), we have a small student loan, no car loan, one consumer loan (water filter), and then the lovely mortgage…. that’s it. Not very typical American from what I understand, “The personal credit […]

Cincinnati Christian Schools starts today. My new job is in full swing now. Students can be heard roaming the halls…. and I have a butt load of work to do. +++ Lord, have mercy +++ Christ, have mercy +++ Lord, have mercy +++