Ok, Ok,…. I’m back… for real.


I know that was kinda lame yesterday to just do the “I’m back” post, but I really didn’t have anymore time than that post and I wanted folks to know that I was, well…. back.

But I have a bit of time at the moment (this is actually becoming something of a peaceful ritual…. Cloey likes to have us sit in the rocking chair in her room while she falls asleep in her crib…. hey, hey… i know “GOOD” parents let the kids cry it out and teach them how to fall asleep on their own, but frankly I don’t mind too much cuz: a) she’s only going to be this age for a short time and before long she won’t need our help [I don’t think we’re inhibiting her growth or spoiling her by NOT making her cry it out] and b) its a precious time to just be silent with her and c) I believe we are teaching her trust….. but that’s a whole other post all together and not really what I am intending to write about……. but the point being is that I’m sitting in Cloey’s room and it is dark and I have my laptop turned dim and writing this) so here I am.

Monday (Aug. 1st) I ended my digital sabbath/sabbatical/fast and began my new job as “IT guy” for Cincinnati Christian Schools. My first (and second) day went well and its nice to feel “not drained” at the end of the day. I’m really sure how to explain it but I felt different coming home from CCS as opposed to P&G…. less like I needed to change clothes right away and get away from work. So, yeah, its good. I have lots and lots to learn… both about CCS, teaching, and being a network administrator/IT guy. It feels a bit like I’ve jumped into the deep end to learn to swim…. but its good water and I have a watchful eyes making sure I don’t sink too far (ie. I got friends and supportive new colleagues). It WILL be nice when I’m post-newbie stage – not so much cuz I’m in a hurry but because I’ve been a newbie a lot in the last several years and I’m ready to be an old-fart for a while. So that’s the latest with my work life.

Sarah is about begin teaching preschool at The Children’s Academy of Mason, OH. (oh, Cloey’s singing in her crib presently) The brand new center was supposed to open on August 1st (my Mom’s and Anna Griffin’s b-day), but the building wasn’t finished. The new date (which may change) is August 8th. She vacillates (sp?) from being excited and anxious (which is pretty normal for her), but I’m really excited for her and Cloey. I think it will be good for Cloey to be in a more social environment (she is very social…. surprise!) and I think it will be good for Sarah to rediscover and uncover her teaching mojo…. she is by far the best teacher I know. It is without a doubt part of her Call. Regardless…. lots of changes at the Klinefelter household. We’re weathering it well I believe, but we have moments of tension and raised hackles (any of the three of us at a given moment). I suspect we’ll need about a month or two to get in a comfortable new normal rhythm.

So…. now the sabbatical. It was interesting. Definitely something I’d advise anyone who spends hours on the computer to do…. breaking my dependency on this digital media was an important for my soul. I do believe it was deeply spiritually formative…. BUT (or maybe AND) I don’t really feel any different. I don’t feel freer, clearer, more spiritual, or anything. Nor am I desperately glad to be able to blog, IM, email, cellphone again. I have not been lusting the fact that I am now re-digitized. There have been conveniences (like checking movie times, finding phone numbers, sending one email to multiple people instead of making 10 phone calls) that I’ve missed, but their absence has both made me appreciate them and appreciate the “slower” way of doing things.

For instance… instead of emailling our VC leaders to tell them about an upcoming meeting, I called each of them instead. While this took more time (ie was less “convienent”), it was wonderful to actually talk to each of them and hear about how life, HC, work, family, etc… was going. I believe it strengthened all of us and our network.

I may make a yearly habit of de-digitizing for one month, we’ll see. Regardless I do not regret my decision to do so this year and found it very refreshing. The last reflection I’ll share is the “other people” factor. What I mean is this…. while this was primarily a spiritual discipline for my own soul, it naturally effected and affected others. I received several different reactions. There was the “welcome back to the land of the living” response – probably by folks who wonder what I do online to begin with. There was the “Hoowwwwww are you doing????????” response – by those who I reckon thought it would really hard time for me and sounded as if they were asking if I was still able to function. And then there was the “I can’t wait till your done!” response, but those who I connect with primarily through the ‘puter. In all I think we all made it. I didn’t feel deprived (at all) during the month, nor did fear going back (well, a bit… but mainly cuz of the new job and not wanting to get overwhelmed), it was simply good. I guess that’s how spiritual disciplines are supposed to be. Just ordinary, but formative all the same.

Well, Cloey is still (which probably means she’s asleep) and I need to get ready for bed. More blogging to come…. I’ll even be on IM some this week as I get my computer working at school.

Much Peace to One and All.

PS – oh, by the way – I had 1800 posts to read in my aggregator and 150 emails but only 3 voicemails on my cellphone.


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