post – Household Budget Worksheet, or I hate money part 3,296


I’m working on our Household Budget Worksheet, we’re NOT in overwhelming credit card debt (we have a little from my month of unemployment), we have a small student loan, no car loan, one consumer loan (water filter), and then the lovely mortgage…. that’s it. Not very typical American from what I understand, “The personal credit card debt carried by the average American is $8,562” from here. We are well below that. Our credit score is excellent.

I work, essentially, 3 jobs. Sarah works and is about to start a different job that would be less hours (and stress). That is why I’m so pissed. I’m not going to say we’re “just scraping by”, but we’re really tight. So tight as to cause significant stress in our lives at the moment. Truthfully, we are rich Americans who live in opulence compared to the most of the world. I truly want to limit both our personal expenses as well as our “footprint” that we are leaving on the planet. But I’m having a really hard time at the moment.

I’m really frustrated. With Sarah switching jobs (less hours, closer to home, less stress) it means a pay cut AND finding childcare for Cloey during the day. This could cost us $600 per month!!! That’s about 1/2 of what Sarah will be making! And we need that other half in order to pay all the bills (debt and otherwise) and save a little (not much). This is SO irritating. I am really trying hard not to complain or be some spoiled white-middle class American. I don’t want that. I just want live a life that is free from financial stress…. especially ongoing financial stress. I don’t want to make lots of money. Sarah would prefer not to work or to maybe work part-time I think. But we just can’t afford it. I am so tired of living so tight. Why are we in such a low paying profession (education)! We both truly love it. I love my new job and would love to just do that for income…. not 2 others! I think Sarah will really like her new job – assisting a 5th grade autistic student. I see benefits to Cloey having time with other kids during the day. I guess what I’m saying… and this counts as a prayer – I want a break.

oh, please no comments about building character… patience… provision…. yada yada… I know God has and will provide. My faith-level may be low at the moment, but I know its true. I just would like to get out of this ongoing financial balancing act… not because of being overwhelmed by debt (the bit that we’re in would be good to get out of, of course), but just not making much money.

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