Shhhh…. we had church tonight


Really…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone. I don’t think Bobby and Tari read my blog, but we had church tonight with them and they don’t know it…. you probably shouldn’t tell them. They are new friends of ours and neighbors from across the street. They came over for dinner (I grilled us some steaks and Sarah made veggies) tonight and stayed till 10:00 playing guitar and talking. Good people. They’re Catholic and are part of Nativity (the parish in our neighborhood), but I don’t want to go stealing sheep or anything silly like that. Its just that…. well…. we had church. It just kinda happened. It wasn’t real intentional or anything. We just were followers of Jesus, members of his body, hanging out together, sharing a meal, singing some songs, sharing prayers, ideas, thoughts…. well…. you can see where this thing went! It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t plan on it being church. It just was.

Was this the beginnings of a church (of the simple/organic/house variety) in our neighborhood? I’m not sure. We’ll see. We’re hoping to go to a concert together at the 20th Century Theatre this Friday with them and we see them a lot. Cloey adores them both. So we’ll see. Definitely they are and will become even more so good friends and friends in Christ at that. Certainly part of the Church Universal the mystical body of Christ in this region. I’d truly be honored if they were led to be part of a local gathering of believers called a house church in our neighborhood. I didn’t feel like it was the time to ask them or even suggest it…. it just needs to sit. Let’s see what God has in store. No forcing, pushing, or administring. Just resting, waiting, listening……

Really, my point is not so much what will be as much as what is and what happened. I think my ecclesiology was tweaked a bit more tonight. Church – being the body of Christ – isn’t about making a meeting, even a house-based one. It isn’t about covering the litany of prescribed functions (sing, pray, bible, teach, eat, pray), its about being a people. Being people together…. drawn together for the sake of and because of Christ. Its about being family. Its slow forming and slow going. Its listening lots and being real, vulnerable, and silly with one another. Its about not caring if you’re called Pastor or even recognized as being one. Its about being a neighbor.

Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


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