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So Russell posted on a book/seminar about metrics of evaluation – “12 characteristics for evaluation of ministry in the postmodern context” from Jill Hudson’s book “When Better Isn’t Enough”. Here’s his post: The Eagle and Child: More info on transformation. So I wanted to comment, but figured I’d ramble on and on, so I’ll just […]

FINALLY!!! A new podcast for Conversatio Fide (feed). Last night the masses descended upon the Creech’s new home to celebrate Alan’s 39th Birthday. I recorded this little birthday blessing for Alan. I thought others would enjoy hear the voices of such blogging luminaries like Bill Bean, Chris Marshall, Kevin Rains, Kyle Potter, Bryan Sherwood, and […]

George W. Bush


So, the Christian Philosophy class here at school recently read the article by Jim Henderson re: Katrina and the government’s response. Link. So Doc is reading the responses that the students wrote. I have 2 words and a letter… George W Bush I am AMAZED at how much deep and fervent love/worship exists for this […]

i got friends


yup. and good ones too.

It honors me to call him my friend. I meet with Thurman each Weds. after school, usually at the chapel of caffeine, free wifi, and rasberry sweetened green tea (that would be Panera). Most everytime we meet he concludes by asking “how can I pray for you?”. Which is not that uncommon in standard evangelical […]

Ryan has a good post on the changing dynamics/roles of leadership within the church (really the whole of society is similarly impacted) Read: TheBolgBlog: Guide on the Side I was particularly struck by his comment – who is leading this community? “hopefully the Holy Spirit”. This resonates with how I’ve been moving of late. That […]

good point from Dave fleming. go read. ——————- in other news… i’ve been thinking about why i like typing in all lower case letters. i write most of my email this way of late and have for a long time. i’m not sure if its cuz i’m lazy or if i just like the way […]