Many Thoughts


Thought #1 – A Gathering for Prayer and Action for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

7:00 PM @ St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood
Come for prayer, reflection, meditation, conversation, decisions, and action

Thought #2 – Cisco CCNA 1 class in full swing

The reference page is working – go see it.

The class is going very well. We are already behind. But I’m hopeful that this first bit has been part of the natural “ramping up” phase and that we’ll get going faster. I really enjoy all of the students and they each bring a unique perspective and character to the class. Some are more computer savy than others, but I’m hopeful that if we work together that we can all learn a lot as the semester progresses. We have LOTS to cover…. of which I feel particularly overwhelmed by…. but I think we’ll get there. One of the things they are going to have to learn really fast (and if they are reading this …. take note!) is that there is NO WAY to cover everything in class and that they will have to do significant self-directed learning on their own outside of class time – whether I assign it or not (again… ** hint, hint).

Thought #3 – CCS in general

I feel constantly behind. Is this normal? I feel like I’m in perpetual catch-up mode…. as if I’ve put stuff off and now I’m having to cram….. Except I haven’t put stuff off and I’ve worked as diligently and thoroughly as I can and I still feel behind! I’m trying to learn to take one day, one task, one hour at a time and just do what I can and not worry about the rest. But that is an acquired skill for me and I’m slow to learn it. I’m also adjusting to the academic life and the “real” IT world and to CCS culture and to the 2 other jobs that I have (which are also IT jobs). Oh yes, and I have a family, a church, and a soul. I’m being a bit overly dramatic to make a point, mind you, but it is kinda how I’m feeling at the moment. I truly love my job. Actually truth be told, I really like all three of my paid gigs. I love my family. And I love my church. I’d just like to feel….. oh…. I don’t know…. “caught up”. I hope I can get to some semblance of that soon.

Thought #4 – I think I’m done and I’m going to go hanging out with The Cloe and The Sarah. Oh, and I might watch O, Brother Where Art Thou tonight (if bedtime goes well).


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