From: TheBolgBlog: Guide on the Side


Ryan has a good post on the changing dynamics/roles of leadership within the church (really the whole of society is similarly impacted) Read: TheBolgBlog: Guide on the Side

I was particularly struck by his comment – who is leading this community? “hopefully the Holy Spirit”. This resonates with how I’ve been moving of late. That as a leader in our community my hope is that the HS is the primary leader and that we lead along with. This ties in with seeing myself more as a corporate spiritual director than a “point person”.

I’d like to spend more time reflecting on all this, but presently my mind is on my Cisco class. They just took a test, Module 2, it was bad. Everyone failed. Really. Not good. I’m feeling like a not very good teacher. I know there’s a ton of material, new jargon, abstract concepts, etc… that we have tried to cover and I’m wondering if I failed in how I presented it. How can I communicate it more clearly? How can I help us engage it creatively that allows the students to experience true learning? We’ve got a great class and a good start to a true Learning Community… but we need to take the next step in how we are engaging the curriculum. Like Ryan I want to be this kind of teacher: “teachers serve as connectors rather than content providers. They bring their students to the information that the teacher finds most helpful and they provide contexts for working through the material.”

Lord, have mercy

Christ, have mercy

Lord, have mercy


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