George W. Bush


So, the Christian Philosophy class here at school recently read the article by Jim Henderson re: Katrina and the government’s response. Link. So Doc is reading the responses that the students wrote. I have 2 words and a letter…




I am AMAZED at how much deep and fervent love/worship exists for this man. Many of the responses so far are passionate about how well Mr. Bush has led/responded to the hurricane. I am amazed. Shocked. Not because I disagree (which I do), but rather I am shocked at how profound the level of hero-worship is for this man. The students’ responses tap into, what I believe, is a profound devotion to authority in the worst way. A belief that God’s Ordained Man cannot be wrong, is in NO way at fault, and that it is fundamentally wrong to raise questions about those in power.

I don’t even know what to say…. I’m at a lost. Can Mr. Bush be wrong? Can he be racist? I’m not sure…. so far from what I can tell of the student’s responses he is neither.

As for me. I can (and often am) wrong. I am racist (I hate to admit it, I am actively trying to be transformed from this, but I am).

This grieves me deeply.


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