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Cloey the Clown


Cloey the Clown Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter. Good times tonight trick-or-treating. Cloey wasn’t so sure about the ordeal, but enjoyed her bag that she got to put candy in! Advertisements

Via Crucis 039 Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter. I uploaded a bunch of Via Crucis pics from 2 years ago. We’re going to do it again this year, in partnership with a several other communities of faith. I’m already getting very excited. Holy Week 2006Via Crucisan experiential stations of the crossSt. Elizabeth’s in Norwood, Ohio

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Learning Curve


“The concept of the learning curve was introduced to the aircraft industry in 1936 when T. P. Wright published an article in the February 1936 Journal of the Aeronautical Science. Wright described a basic theory for obtaining cost estimates based on repetitive production of airplane assemblies. Since then, learning curves (also known as progress functions) […]

New Podcasts!!


Alan’s got one: alancreech podcast Conversatio Fide’s got two: Happy Listening.



Today (and tomorrow) I’m at a workshop – CompMaster Seminars – Supporting, Troubleshooting and Optimizing Windows™ Server 2003. Its good, about half of which I understand… the other half I’m moving into understanding. We use 2003 at CCS and I need to know it so I can support it and the network better. I like […]



I am very frustrated. Sarah, Cloey, and I are planning to go to Seattle in a couple weeks for the next Generous Orthodoxy conf. I’ll be helping out with tech stuff and Sarah will attend some of the conf. My deal with my Sarah was that I could go to Seattle if she and Cloey […]