Finishing up


Yesterday I started a post ala comment to Russell’s post about Jill Hudson’s book. Here’s the rest and then some:

7) the ability to provide leadership for high-quality relevant worship experiences
* “high-quailty”… ummm…. let’s go with “No”. I’m not against doing a good job, putting your best foot forward, being nice. But “high-quality” to me speaks of a (hopefully) bygone era of marketing techniques, focus groups, and target audiences. I’d much prefer, “the ability to foster authentic, life-on-life, hospitable worship experiences”. I’m also not convinced that the metric should be focused on “leadership”….. that seems out of focus to me.

8) the ability to identify, develop, and support lay leaders
* drop “lay” and we’ll talk.

9) the ability to build, inspire, and lead a ‘team’ of both staff and volunteers
* I’m down with the “team”.

10) the ability to manage conflict
* maybe…. “manage” seems like a poor word. how about embrace confilct or welcome conflict as part of the life-giving function of the community.

11) the ability to navigate successfully the world of technology
* that’s just too broad. There is not “technology”, there are “technologies”… meaning that I don’t think it pertinent that success is dependent on the successful application of a technology, nor is it possible to navigate the entire world of technologies. I suspect she means internet technology, and even that is very diverse. I believe you CAN have many “successful” (meaning communities that following in the way of Jesus for the sake of the world) that do NOTHING online. And this is good. And it is happening…. its just that in our prejuidice to all things new, hip, cool, trendy, and novel we don’t notice them cuz they don’t play by the rules of the dominant society which state that validity exists in registring your own .com, .net, .org, .___.

12) the ability to be a lifelong leanrer.


and then some….

Overall, I’m not impressed by her matrix of metrics. They seem to me too “techniqy” (as Russell pointed out). I do appreciate the value of metrics. I just think we need better ones. Ones that reflect not (only) how well we function as a Body, but how well we love as a Body. How just we are. How much others see Jesus reflected in our lives (corporate and individual). And then there’s the Kingdom bit…. which I wonder if it has less to do with what we do inside our walls than how much we do outside of them.


and then some more…

It occurrs to me that I am internally anxious and even a bit angry. And I have no idea why. I note this because I usually find myself drawn to “aggresive” music when I am… and the last few days my Genre has been set to Rap. Mind you, I’m not decrying Rap, I rather like it, but I’m noting my internal dysfunction which finds solice in the pulsing beats, affronting lyrics and disjointed samples.

I pray. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy on me a sinner. (I also am finding that this prayer has become increasingly “my prayer” over the past few months. This is good.)


and then the last of it…

Last night was the CCS homecoming football game and the Klinefelter’s went. We had a great time. I was very bummed that we lost in overtime. I was incredible proud of our team (in particular my Cisco class, Nate Reiser, and Chad McDaniel) who gave it all and then some. Good job guys. I know you are grieved and I grieve with you.

After the game Doc and family, Chris, and the K’s headed over to Tammy Jo’s abode for an after-game party. Good times. Tammy Jo gave me ordination gift… a beautful chalice and plate for some eucharistic lovin’. I am very blessed to have these kinds of amazing friends in my life. I am also extremely excited that Tammy Jo and I are going to work on Via Crucis together. I’m seeing visions of collaboration, deep worship, and community connection.

Peace to you, dear reader. Peace.


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