Commuity of the Resurrection and Denver Broncos and Rambling Reflections on VC


So, I’m at Bob Bowen’s watching the Denver Bronco’s run around on a big screen doing stuff with a ball. Pray for Bob, he’s an addict… really.

So, Cloey’s playing with Shannon and Co., Bob’s cooking frozen pizza, I’m checking my feeds and that’s about it.

Good post from DaleCommunity of Resurrection

I tried uploading pics to Flickr of Via Crucis… we’re getting ready to get ready to do it again. Details forthcoming.

Yesterday we had VC meeting day. PC (Pastoral Council) in the AM – the first one with the Thompson’s joining us. In the afternoon we had a LC (Leadership Community) meeting complete with cookout and campfire. Good conversations and connections abound.

For those who may be wonder…

Within VCdom the PC is a team of 7 who oversee the health and navigation of our network. We meet monthly to check in with what is happening around the network, dream dreams for the future, talk about upcoming movements and initiatives within the larger community, etc… We spend time praying for one another and the network. Presently the PC is made up of the following:

Kevin Rains
Tracy Rains
Kendra Barrow
John Barrow
Juli Thompson
David Thompson
Aaron Klinefelter

In January, Kevin and Kendra are going to take a break, a sabbatical, (Kevin so he can focus on Brownhouse/Norwood/Studies, Kendra because she’s having a baby). We’re grandfathering into a 3 years on (atleast) 1 year off flow. The PC is added to by invitation from the PC. We basically function like a board of elders offering pastoral oversight to the larger community.

Leadership Community is a larger group made up primarily of house church leaders as well as those who lead in other areas of the network (like AllGroup). Its basically a group of deacons. We usually have a yearly LeTreat (Leaders Retreat, this year will be first weekend of Dec. with a really cool special guest… TBA). Recently the LC has been reading Generous Orthodoxy by McLaren and that book discussion last night led to a conversation about VC’s identity, why we’re a network (does it matter that the house churches are connected), and basically how we can be cohesive and still allow for unique house churches.

Lots of stuff here….. I would like to public state that it is imperative to be inter-connected, interdependent as a network of house churches. It really should not be an option… sure if you are the ONLY house church in a whole city (on a desert island on a 3 hour tour) then, yeah, you can be a fully autonomous church. But that just isn’t our context. There is NO SUCH THING as an autonomous church. To use Brian McLaren’s language, we can only have a Generous Orthodoxy if we are Generously Interdependent with one another. “Partnership” is a word that has been resounding within me of late and I think it is very applicable here. We need each other. At every level within the church, we need each other. We (to use David Thompson’s word) have claim on each other. To assume otherwise is to misunderstand the Body of Christ. To misunderstand the Trinitarian nature of God.

What does it mean to be connected to VC? It means that we are partnering together on this missional journey of God. We are a Community of Faith joined together in God’s mission in the world – specifically localized to this place and this time. We are Gestalt – more than the sum of our parts. How we function as a Body is different than some but we’re a Body all the same.

Are we perfect? Heck, no!!! We have made mistakes. And we have hurt people in our mistakes. If I or we have hurt you then I/we are sorry. It hurts when I hear that we have hurt people presently or in the past. Please know that we didn’t mean too. We’re trying our best to follow God. I think as a whole we are doing a pretty good job, but if we disagree or if you’re pissed at us that’s ok. There is still room for you too.

I’m excited about who we are and where we are going as a community. I truly believe we are flowing in the great stream that is the Missio Dei… God’s ongoing mission in the world. It is good.


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