I am very frustrated. Sarah, Cloey, and I are planning to go to Seattle in a couple weeks for the next Generous Orthodoxy conf. I’ll be helping out with tech stuff and Sarah will attend some of the conf. My deal with my Sarah was that I could go to Seattle if she and Cloey could come too. I thought that would work out fine as we have enough skymiles for a ticket for her… assuming that Cloey would be free as she’s under two. But, Cloey turns two next week and while it would be convenient to lie about her age, I can’t. And I just found out that she’d be full price for a seat.

In addition to all that, the seats available for skymiles are severly limited.

The net result is that in order for me/us to come I would need to use the Skymiles to get my tix (flying out weds. and returning monday). And we would need to purchase two tix for Sarah and Cloey – $419 per person. I’m sure there are various variations that would work too… but so far all of them that I can see would cost us money that we don’t have.

So, I’ll make a request… is there anyone out there in the great blog-o-sphere that could help us out? Skymiles are probably not going to help as there are no Skymile seats available on Sunday when Sarah needs to return. Basically… we’d need funds, $838, in order to make this happen. Obviously there are many many more worthy causes for you to give money too. But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask…


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