Today (and tomorrow) I’m at a workshop – CompMaster Seminars – Supporting, Troubleshooting and Optimizing Windows™ Server 2003. Its good, about half of which I understand… the other half I’m moving into understanding. We use 2003 at CCS and I need to know it so I can support it and the network better. I like learning…. it stretches me to open up new avenues and pathways in my brain. Regardless of what I’m learning – be it theology, technology, or music theory (which is something that I miss).

I’m also learning about eating, money, and new ways of leading. These are each blog posts in their own right, but all three are growing edges for me. Eating – not being controlled by food, not having to eat something just because its there, and being in control of what I eat and how it effects me. Money – spending and making wise choices, being a good steward – which includes giving and not spending money on stupid stuff, paying off debt. New ways of leading – learning what it could mean to be a corporate/communal Spiritual Director. All good things… all struggles.

Thanks to the Body of Christ (I really mean that) we are going to Seattle. Thank you thank you thank you to all those who helped out. I sense God’s movment in this Seattle trip. Something in this for me and for us as a family and our network/community.

Break is almost over… back to learning.

Peace to you.


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