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From Technology Review: “Forget plain old podcasting. Modcasting lets listeners assemble customized podcasts, turning them into armchair producers. By Wade Roush Podcasting has been called the ultimate in personalized media, since most podcasts are produced by amateurs for small, specialized audiences. But the real ultimate in personalization may be a podcast for an audience of […]

I blogged about this abit ago, but as usually Andrew Jones has great links and a very good handle on Web 2.0 and how it is/will effect the Church. Read and Learn.

I came. I ran


… and now… I ice! Here are my results: NO FN LN OVERALL DIVPL SEXPL TIME PACE 10782 Aaron Klinefelter 6251 91/134 3784/4653 1:08:47 11:05 Not bad. 11:05 minute mile. Just over an hour… 4 minutes after a certain other runner. I am so glad I did it. I am definitely going to keep on […] Good People. Good Music. Local People. Local Music.

“I believe our God wants justice just as much as we wants to extend grace. It is both and he hates the evil that has been brought against his people. I think it gives God more pain than it does us and I can’t even begin to imagine what that means. And that is why […]

Dear Network, What a full weekend this past one was! Wow. So many people converging in one place… people of various communities, neighborhoods, networks, households, and locales. We are a well-connected people. In the midst of this impending season that is quickly upon us I wanted to share 3 things with you that will hopefully […]

This Weekend…


… was amazing! I don’t even know where to begin. Thursday night with the (almost) opening of St. E’s, Friday with a party extraordinare, Saturday with time for prayer and worship, lunch at PF Chang’s, Sunday at Matt’s for a fun (but ultimately disappointing) Bengal’s game. Like both of my Off The Map experiences of […]