E-pistle : November 2005 : Dancing in the Margins


I’ve been thinking a lot about Dancing. About how the Trinity – Father, Son, and Sacred Spirit – are in a Divine Dance. A Holy Choreography that preceded the world and is in essence the essence of the Divine Relationship. The very fabric of our own selves is made from this Dance. How we relate to one another, our world, and our God is made up in this Dance. We who are made in God’s own image are made to Dance.

What’s more is that amazingly we are invited into this Divine Dance of the Trinity. Our mission ebbs and flows, pirouettes, and turns out of this Sacred Salsa. We participate in the God-Head as Dance partners – not merely observers, certainly not judges, and thankfully not commanders. God calls the dance, we follow.

We have a saying around the conservative Christian school that I teach at… “Dancing leads to Sex and Sex leads to Rock N Roll which leads to Dancing”. We say it tongue-in-cheek, but there is … believe it or not …. a deep truth in there. For Dancing does lead to Sex… pro-creation flows from the Divine Rhythm birthing a new generation of dancers. As the Trinity danced the world came into being. As the Son spun he incarnated into our Space. And as the Spirit curtsied the Church was born. We too are invited to Dance … to Create … to Birth … to make Music. And the Dance that leads to Creation leads to Music and back agan and back again. A spiral ascending, the Spirit unfolding. And the Dance goes on.

So I invite you… beleaguered, tired, weary, and worn. Come Dance with me! To you who are distracted, displaced, disengaged, and disenchanted. Feel the Rhythm…. boom …. boom … boom. Begin to step …. step …. step …. turn, spin, and back again. Dance! Dance! Dance!

The Kingdom is a Ballroom and the mood is set, the music is playing, the party is on, and the Dance awaits….


Oh, “The Margins” – yes, well that’s a whole other thing I suppose! As a community of faith I believe that God is inviting us to Dance in the Margins – with the marginalized and at the margins of our world. There’s much here to explore. But for a great example of those who are doing that well I hereby refer you to the Urban Abbess of Monkfish Abbey in Seattle and the article about their community in their local paper and her blog.

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