Returned from Seattle or Post-Trip Blues or Needing Alone-time


Wow. I’m back. I just posted three posts (see below) about current VC stuff – St. E’s work party, upcoming events, and a new e-pistle.

I want to reflect on Seattle and all that it was. But my brain is fuzzy and my mind is tired. Suffice to say it was very good. Mostly it was good people…. the list is long…. Bob, Jim, Dave, Ron, Eric, Paul, Rachelle, Elizabeth, Brian, Jason, Bill, Dwight, Mary Kate, Deborah, Rose, Ryan, Christi, Neil, Margeret, Molly, Noah, Nick, Nate, and of course Sarah and Cloey. Just being with these people (and many others) was a true blessing and delight. When you are with smart, compassionate, passionate people you gain everytime. And I was and I did.

Specifically for the conference – it seemed to go well. I was so busy trying to keep up with techy stuff that I had a hard time entering in fully. Additionally I had more expectations of myself this time so I was harder on myself and more demanding of exacting performance from a technology side of things…. this resulted in a grumpy disposition for part of the time and a general dis-ease with myself. In other words, a growth area in need of spiritual transformation of the God-ward kind.

Post-conference Sarah, Cloey, and I had a grand time at Pike Street Market, driving around Seattle, and touch our toes in Puget Sound (Cloey loved the water and the cold didn’t bother her a bit!). We headed up north to Edmonds, WA to spend some time with Neil and Margaret Tibbott and family. Great people, wonderful hosts, beautiful land! We are blessed to be surround by such saints.

Thank you to all who made it possible for us to come. We are thanful.

And now I’m home. Tired. Still on Pacific Standard Time. Feeling the burn of re-entry into my world of responsibilities. They feel especially heavy at the moment.

lots of cool VC stuff coming up

OSG web stuff that is woefully over due

CCS IT stuff that needs doing

potential other stuff coming up




Last night I had a dream that I was in an airport and we were attacked by “woolly worms” (those little black and orange caterpillars). They were eating us and it hurt. We kept trying to get them off and eventually discovered that the only way to do so was to go be alone. I’m guessing this was something of a prophetic nudge toward the need I have for alone-time – time to re-group. re-coup. re-set.

Lord, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.


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