I’m a Runner


Thanksgiving Day Race
I have intentionally not said anything here (or to many people) about this, but since August I have been training to run. This is a very big deal to me. I used to run in high school and college… then I busted my knee skiing and I got fat and lazy. Whenever I tried running during the past 8 years I had significant shin and arch pain. So in August when I finally got motivated to start working out again I thought I’d giving running one more try. I stretched and stretched and started very slow. I couldn’t even tell sarah until I ran 3 miles – which I did back in October. And I couldn’t tell anybody else until I ran from the Brownhouse to our house (3.6 miles). I’ve made it up to 4.5 miles and today I’m going to run 5 miles.

All this to say that I’m running a race on Thanksgiving Day. If you are free at 9 AM on Thanksgiving feel free to come on down to see the race. Its in Downtown Cincinnati – link to course map. It starts and finishes at Paul Brown Stadium.

My mantra this fall when running (and when I want to quit) is “I am going to be a runner”. I finally can say that I am again. I still need to work on the eating thing… but I’m starting to be in better shape. I’m still at 29% body fat and I want to get to 15% …. in time, in time. Its a stewardship issue for me and an addiction/idol one too.

Gotta run. Peace.


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