This Weekend…


… was amazing! I don’t even know where to begin. Thursday night with the (almost) opening of St. E’s, Friday with a party extraordinare, Saturday with time for prayer and worship, lunch at PF Chang’s, Sunday at Matt’s for a fun (but ultimately disappointing) Bengal’s game. Like both of my Off The Map experiences of late, it was the quality of people present that made the gathering so good. Here’s my best effort attempt at a list of those present and from where they hail…
Kevin Rains – Cincinnati/Vineyard Central
Bill Bean – Indianapolis, IN/Indy Church
Chris Marshall – Liberty Township, OH/Ordinary Community
Glenn Johhnson – Oxford, OH/Veritas
Eric and Beth Keck – Montpelier, VT
Jim Henderson – Edmonds, WA
Mike Bishop – West Palm Beach, FL, Vineyard Community
Ryan Hale – St. Louis, MO/Levi’s Table
Mark Palmer – Columbus, OH/Landing Place
Kevin “Doc” Savage – Cincinnati, OH/Groesbeck UMC
Tammy Jo Reiser (and family) – Cincinnati, OH/Korean-Madisonville UMC
Alan and Liz Creech (and family) – Lexington, KY/Vine and Branches
Billy Spies (one of my students at CCS) – Sharonville, OH/Prince of Peace Lutheran
DG Hollums – Cold Springs, KY/Th3 Waters
Julie Gross – Norwood, OH/Vineyard Central
Chuck Pfahler – Cincinnati, OH
Thurman Allen – Norwood, OH/Vineyard Central
Alice Connor – Cincinnati, OH/Redeemer Episcopal Hyde Park
Joe Long – Northern KY/Bellevue Vineyard Church
Jon Allis – Northern KY/Bellevue Vineyard Church
Matt Murray – Cincinnati, OH/Vineyard Central
Eric Falstrom – Norwood, OH/Vineyard Central
Ken Oster – Norwood, OH/Vineyard Central
Chad Canipe – Norwood, OH/Poema

…and obviously lots more who don’t have blogs/web presence. Amazing. These are incredible people. They represent communities, households, churches, and neighborhoods. They are kingdom people. They “bring it” on a daily basis.


(Oh, lots of them have posted on the weekend, check out what they say)


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