From Technology Review:

“Forget plain old podcasting. Modcasting lets listeners assemble customized podcasts, turning them into armchair producers.

By Wade Roush

Podcasting has been called the ultimate in personalized media, since most podcasts are produced by amateurs for small, specialized audiences. But the real ultimate in personalization may be a podcast for an audience of one — you.

That’s the promise of Modcast, a technology developed by Florida-based Bind that enables a podcast listener to choose which segments of a show to hear, then have a customized audio file generated on the fly.”

You’ll need a free subscription to read this. But its worth, they consistently have great articles and tend to “get” things that are just on the horizon culturally and technologically.

Some thoughts.

Cultural implications of Modcasting – a sad day when advertising rules the podscape. Its probably inevitable and possibly not an entirely evil thing, but its sad that everything has to be a “business model” for something.

Ecclesial implications of Modcasting – Advertising aside, the desire – to create mash-ups of content to your own liking is part-n-parcel with the ongoing move to customization and personalization that is Web 2.0. Self-directed viewing and listening as opposed to Corporate prescribed doses. True in the spiritual realm as well, which is part of the “popularity” (if that’s a fair word) of things like house churches. I think for podcasting pastors, churches, and Christians we should learn the lesson of brevity. Too many Christian podcasts (my included!) are so wording and looooonnnnnggggggg. Small doses of wisdom (ala Nouwen) are nice.


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