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hum…. I need some space. I’ll be exploring that funny little place where Technology and Faith intersect over at my school blog, if you want to join in on that conversation. l8r. Advertisements

Hum…. So my blog has caused a bit of a ruckus. Interesting. Here are some links to how others have dealt with such things: Leave It Behind > Brian Bailey: Fellowship Church Releases Blogging Policy: Quotes I pulled from the above link – “Personal Website and Weblog Policies Some Fellowship Church employees who maintain personal […]

This is amazing!!! You’ve gotta check out this story. Mason, OH – 25,000 lights sync’d to music! “Carson Williams’ two-story home is decorated top to bottom with 25,000 Christmas lights — but that’s just the beginning. He used software to program them to 12 minutes of Christmas music. The result is a dancing display of […]

It has recently come to my attention that I may have posted somethings that were of offense to some. If so, then I would like to apologize. I have not intentionally tried to offend or to be offensive. I mean for my blog to be a place of encouragement and confession, committment and reflection. I […]