Blogging Policy and Ethic


Hum…. So my blog has caused a bit of a ruckus. Interesting.

Here are some links to how others have dealt with such things:

Leave It Behind > Brian Bailey: Fellowship Church Releases Blogging Policy:

Quotes I pulled from the above link –

“Personal Website and Weblog Policies

Some Fellowship Church employees who maintain personal websites and/or weblogs, or who are considering beginning one, have asked about the church’s perspective regarding these sites. In general, we view personal websites and weblogs positively, and respect the right of our employees to use them as an avenue of self-expression and outreach.

As an employee of Fellowship Church, you are seen by our members and outside parties as a representative of the church. Therefore, as in all areas of daily life, a church staff member’s personal website or weblog is a reflection on the church, whether or not the church is specifically discussed or referenced. If you choose to identify yourself as a Fellowship Church employee or to discuss matters related to the church on your website or weblog, please bear in mind that, although you may view your site as a personal project, many readers will assume you are speaking on behalf of the church.

In light of this possibility, Fellowship expects our staff to observe the following important guidelines:

Notify Your Supervisor.

Include a Disclaimer. – I work at Fellowship Church. Everything here, however, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Fellowship Church.

Respect Confidentiality.

Respect the Church and its Staff.

Respect Copyright.

Respect Your Time.

Respect Our Beliefs.

Follow the Employee Handbook.

Use Common Sense.”

Sample Blogger Code Of Ethics

1. I will tell the truth.

2. I will write deliberately and with accuracy.

3. I will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.

4. I will preserve the original post, using notations to show where I have made changes so as to maintain the integrity of my publishing.

5. I will never delete a post.

6. I will not delete comments unless they are spam or off-topic.

7. I will reply to emails and comments when appropriate, and do so promptly.

8. I will strive for high quality with every post – including basic spellchecking.

9. I will stay on topic.

10. I will disagree with other opinions respectfully.

11. I will link to online references and original source materials directly.

12. I will disclose conflicts of interest.

13. I will keep private issues and topics private, since discussing private issues would jeopardize my personal and work relationships.

I am not suggesting either of the above. I would probably tweak both. I blog because I care about relationships. I care about connecting with the world around provocative and interesting ideas and topics. I blog because I want to build up (edify) the Body of Christ locally and globally. I blog because I need a place to reflect and have people interact (agree/disagree/push/pull/massage) things I think and say.

In an effort of full disclosure:

I am a follower of Jesus Christ

I am a pastor at Vineyard Central Church

I am a Teacher/IT Artist at Cincinnati Christian Schools

I am a husband to Sarah

I am a father to Cloanna

I went to Asbury College, Wilmore, KY

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minor in Christian Ministries

I went to Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA

I am working on a Masters of Arts in Crosscultural Studies, concentrating on Contemporary Culture

I live in Cincinnati, OH (Pleasant Ridge)

I grew up in Paris, KY (near Lexington)

I care deeply about what people get from my blog. I care deeply about the students I teach and the people I pastor. I want my words to be ones of encouragement and hope, passion and peace.


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