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This week at our VC Weekly Worship Gathering (WWG) I captured a good chunk of it on my audio recorder. Download here (49 min, 23 MB) I left in a couple of what I believe are original VC songs (someone feel free to correct me and/or tell me who wrote these), the Lectionary scripture reading […]

Alban CONGREGATIONS Magazine: Article“Recently, the world has begun to tilt and wobble out of the control of those who would attempt to define orthodoxy among the masses. The rise of Internet blogs, self-produced “podcasts,” and “open source” media are signs that point to a world in transition, a world that can no longer be what […]

You are NOT inadequate. Yeah but I feel that way. I feel partialI feel “not enough”I feel less than necessaryI feelI feelI feelI feel.

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Financial Gains: (I hesitated to put “Gains”, but I think that is my own dysfunction and brokenness, not real humility) – Debt reduction – Contingency fund increase – Retirement savings Worship Development: (Can worship develop? I sure hope so!! I want to see VC growing as a worshiping community) – 4-5 Active Liturgy Teams planning […]

Carson Palmer – the out of the way qbA few weeks ago I was reading in a local Cincinnati magazine an article about Bengals QB, Carson Palmer. I was struck by his humility, “down-to-earthiness”, and “ordinary-i-ness”. I was also taken by a something he said, “I’m not the most important player on the field”. Now, […]

So….. Cloey has a cold and has been coughing off and on and waking up Sarah and I are watching (slowly, due to #1) a documentary on the Brooklyn Bridge. Which my Grandfather used in his homily at our wedding 7.5 years ago. That reminds me of my Uncle Andrew. He died last night. I’ve […]