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The Cincinnati Beacon: Aradhna Benefit Concert, April 9th This makes me very very happy. Advertisements

Via Crucising


So I can’t sleep. Too much caffeine and much on my mind….. But I did get a lot of Via Crucising done. Flyers – They have arrived!!!!! They look amazing. Thank you Elizabeth, Juli, and Fio! If you want to help spread the love with flyers let me know and I’ll get you some. […]

Viewing is at Egan Ryan (403 E. Broad St. Columbus), Wednesday March 29, from 7:00-9:00 pm. (Google Map) ** (FYI – its sort of hard to find. its on the east end of downtown and the building is small, dark brick and easy to miss. have people keeping their eyes peeled for you as you […]

Palmer and Micah:

Who’s doing What :: Entry to Sanctuary – greeting, passing out liturgies, and maps Station Zero – Biblical Storytelling of the Passion Narrative – United Theological Seminary The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Die. – Ordinary Community Family House Churches The Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross. – D’Vine, Vineyard Church (Clifton)The Third Station: […]

About Palmer


Amy Palmer posted this on Mark’s blog today….“My lover is gone… Mark passed away this morning around 9:15. He was surrounded by our wonderful community, family and friends. He was so strong and brave. He never gave up, always filled with hope. I loved Mark with my whole being…we loved each other. We both found […]

Kevin just called and let me know. Palmer’s blog. Please Pray for Amy, Micah, and the Landing Place community.