St. Elpidius or Yet again for a lack of words


Feminine form of Elpidios (see ELPIDIUS)

St. Elpidius:
Hermit of Cappadocia. He spent twenty years in a cave there with many disciples joining him…. He is depicted with a vine leaf in winter.

Words. They are a’lacking. We went to St. E’s housechurch last night. To say it was good would be to understate… or would that be “undersay”? … anyway, it was rich.

There was a sense of peace and relaxed-ness there that bespeaks of community at peace with itself. A community that feels comfortable just being together. Its kinda like when you are dating and you finally feel comfortable enough to fart or belch around each other (in which case I suspect most of those relationships go on to marriage or at least a deeper level of intimacy). This group of Christians last night was in a “oneness” unlike I had seen before.

I had been privileged to help lead this group for about a year and 1/2, but we launched out from there almost a year ago. Since then Thurman has been leading. I was very impressed with the maturity of that body. A year ago I don’t think they/we could not have had that conversation. The growth of depth and maturity was tangible in an intangible kinda way.

Chad and family were part of that fellowship then and now. So last night we listened to his first, and only, podcast. His dream of what Poema and really Cincinnati could be. You will be blessed to listen to it.

Steve was live blogging of our evening. You can check it out here. Kevin has thoughts on it as well, here. As does Thurman.

But add to that I was listening to a conversation that some friends had this weekend. Friends who are joined in covenant and mission. Friends who gathered to pray and grieve for the Canipes as well as the Landing Place community and Palmer. There is so much to that that I can’t even begin start… but one thing I must attend to. This one thing must be said.

There are many who desire to re-imagine youth ministry. What does youth ministry in emerging churches, firmly planted in emerging culture, look like? I don’t suppose that I actually know the answer, but I got a glimpse of it this weekend. I got a glimpse when Katie Creech, who is normally very quiet, said that she learns so much from just listening in on the conversations that happen around her. And then this from the Little Bean. I am just so taken by how the Spirit is at work in our midst – young and old alike. I’ve begun to notice that both in VC and our larger extended networks. The organic, bottom-up, natural way in which young learn from old.

Again, words are not sufficient. But I hope you get at least a bit of my meaning. There is something significant happening in our midst. The Spirit of Christ, the Resurrected One, the Life-Giver is at work in us – corporally.

May we be…. The Gifts of God for the People of God.


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