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I can’t. It is 4:29 AM. I went to bed at 11:ish, woke up at 1:40, headache, took Tylenol, and nothing. No sleep. I can’t do it. I’m thinking that part of it was the Chai I had around 5 pm. But I think a bigger part may be the Claritin-D. Those things have a […]

I would like to work less, and make more moneyI would like to live on less, and give more away. A question was asked today…. “how much is enough?” This in reference to stuff, material possessions, the things that consume our lives that we have consumed. How do we know when we have “enough”? A […]



Deja vu…. long long ago for a house church gathering in Pasadena I made these pages to assist in worship. Eric was part of that evening and I remember him asking for the file afterwards… turns out he’s still using them! Very cool. I’m so glad this simple little idea has helped facilitate worship…. worship […]

Thanks to our amazing house church I’m going to take New Testament II: Acts through Revelation through Fuller’s Distance Learning program. That will keep me eligible for my degree and put me one step closer to my degree (after this I’ll only have 5 classes to go). Here is the course description: LECTURER: David M. […]

Going Under


One of our students created this video montage/music video. Very interesting. Going Under

His truth


Right after I posted about feeling …. insecure … we did a reflective reading of scripture in bible class on Psalm 96 The phrase that stuck out to me was; “His truth” right at the end. I sensed the Spirit speaking to me…. in the midst of my insecurity trust His truth about who I […]



New blog from a friend’s dad:Stage Right Stage Left: This is where I work and worship I like this pic from his post. As much as I love elaborate, deep, experiential worship I also have a hankerin’ for simplicity, monastic-like austerity, and worship in the round, in the midst of the people.