From the heart of Kevin Rains:

Hope : : Elpida

There is a tree that grows on my arm
It?s for a friend, an eternal marring of my flesh for his.
A beauty mark, intentional, not God-given
A gift from a friend who speaks beauty through his hands.
A solidarity sign stretched across my skin.

Blood brothers united in heart years ago now visible to all
Brothers in arms.
Rooted in Elpida,
Lovely leafless limbs smooth and supple as veins
Climb quietly like ivy clinging to skin and bone
Growing toward my heart where he now resides.

This tree grips, grips my arm,
12 leaves for 12 friends coupled, man and wife
12 leaves for the healing of nations
12 leaves for Yahweh wins.

I hope in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.
Now and Forever I hope.

No ounce of regret not one single ounce.
Yahweh wins.
Yahweh wins.
Yahweh wins.

I pledge allegiance to his cause.


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