The Enquirer – Stations of the Cross offered


Well, Via Crucis is tomorrow! I’m stoked. Very excited to see what God is going to do (is doing) with all this…

We got some print about it. The Enquirer – Stations of the Cross offered. The local paper did a “story” about it. Kinda. More of a listing, but still very nice. I was bummed that they didn’t mention the 7 other churches who are involved. Its more than a Vineyard Central thing. But maybe it will pique and interest.

The stations look good. I’m so proud of everybody and the creativity and passion they bring to this event. I sense God honors that.

Logistically and Leaderly I am aware that not having the stations set more concretely (as to where they would be in the building, layout) was an issue. It caused for some tense moments during set-up. Ones that we could have easily avoided if I had done what I know I should have and mapped out the plan and then stuck to it. Lessons for next time.

I’m thinking that we’ll do Via Crucis every 2 years. It is too much to do it every year. This will give us time to rest, do different stuff, and build momentum.

We’re printing 500 liturgy handouts…. I hope we run out.

I’m tired…. this thing has been a lot of work. worth it, but hard. I anticipate much tiredness and depression after it is over. such is the nature of the beast i reckon. i don’t regret that, but i am glad that we have 2 years off.

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