Via Crucis


I have no idea how to describe it. It is beyond words. Tonight was amazing. The convergence of people was outstanding – folks from CCS, Allison (Norwood Elementary), Xavier, all the various churches who created stations, and so many more….

Aradhna was awesome. The stations look and feel awesome.

Sarah and I were talking about it tonight. Lots of folks do the Stations of the Cross. All the other stations that I’ve done never feel as ALIVE as the way we’ve done them…. there is a dynamism, a 4th dimension, and a life to these stations.

I’m exhuasted. I’m so glad this is spring break…. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, going to the park with Sarah and Cloey, and working on the basement.

I hope to reflect on this Via Crucis experience more…. it was and continues to be truly an amazing, awe-inspiring event to be a part of. I love what we are able to do together. I’m so proud of the Body of Christ tonight… I felt like we did some Kingdom life tonight.

For now, peace. Rest well. Job well done.


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