We at Vineyard Central, love Jesus.


So, one of the (many) things we’ve been working on at VC is try to articulate some of the basics about who we are as a community. To try to get language around “us”.

The PC and Writing team has been working on this for about the last year, in December we began to bring the LC into the mix. In March we talked about it at our Leaders Retreat (LeTreat). And 2 weeks ago we widened the circle to whole community. Here’s a snippet from an email David sent today:

We hope to be discussing/ reworking / adapting this document over the next 6 months or so to make sure that it is an accurate reflection of who we are, what we are about, and what we are being called to do. Obviously, this is not an all encompassing document. It will not answer the burning question of what is VCs stand on infant baptism or how do we really feel about the left behind movies? but we wanted to define the center and give a beginning answer to the question of Who is VC and what are
they about??

Another way to add to the conversation (besides the pesky human interaction) is on the VC discussion board. I just posted the document and would love for people to post any of their thoughts, suggestions, questions. You get there by
clicking here http://www.vineyardcentral.com/discuss/

Here are the documents if you’d like to have a looksee. Feel free to give me your feedback (whether you are part of the VC community or not):

via christi – 4-8-06.doc
via christi – part 2 4-8.doc


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