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I collect links and articles of note on my desktop… then I sort them into categories for saving or passing on to folks….

Transformation Event – put on by the Presbyterians of Cincy. I’m doing a workshop called “Faith Revolutionaries” with a couple of other guys who wear that title much better than I. The blurb: “ A conversation with three leaders of the emerging church. An honest discussion with members of the rapidly growing house church movement — with an emphasis on what institutional churches can learn. ” By the way, I’d love for some of our leaders to go with me for this workshop (to toss in your $0.02 and the like), if you would like to come with let me know (for free of course).

A review of The Sky is Falling by Alan Roxburgh by Len Hjalmarson – I’ve read the book and the review and very much believe it could be a helpful learning for VC in the area of leadership and future dreaming. Its a thorough review so if you don’t have time for a book, the review would probably suffice.

The Worship Well, the online community for sharing and creating fresh, innovative worship resources in the Episcopal Church. –

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship – Visual Arts in Worship from either/or to both/and

Sacred Imagery in Los Angeles’ Congregations – A study in the way visual imagery has been used in worship.

A friend of mine (Neil Tibbott – he’s a big fan of VC) recently told me about this church in Seattle. The unique thing about them is while many “emerging churches” have come and gone these guys have been around a few years. I had the impression (a gut kinda thing) that they are folks we could learn from (and with). “Quest is an urban and multiethnic church in Seattle striving to be an incarnational presence in a fast changing postmodern and postchurch culture. Our purpose is very simple: the human soul, community, compassion and justice, and global presence.”

Last one, if you aren’t into that whole reading thing, you might try this link out Radio Allelon. The Allelon folks have put a few audio files up that I suspect VCers would enjoy. Here are a few of the titles – Why Spiritual Formation Is Not An Option by Eugene Peterson; Spiritual Formation in the Ways of Christ by Dallas Willard; Reimaging our mission as God’s agents of new creation in the world by NT Wright.

I hope you find something here helpful. Blessings on you.

Much Peace as you Lead!


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