New Testament II: Acts through Revelation


Thanks to our amazing house church I’m going to take New Testament II: Acts through Revelation through Fuller’s Distance Learning program. That will keep me eligible for my degree and put me one step closer to my degree (after this I’ll only have 5 classes to go). Here is the course description:

LECTURER: David M. Scholer, Professor of New Testament

New Testament: Acts Through Revelation is a general introduction to the New Testament documents from Acts through Revelation with major emphasis given to the letters of Paul and Pauline studies. Attention is given to the first century contexts (Judaism, Greco-Roman society, and early Church) of the document, to the methodological issues of interpretation and to the use of these texts in the Church today.

As a result of this course the student will understand the content, structure, and interpretive issues of the New Testament from Acts through Revelation and have a solid foundation for further biblical studies.

• A brief theological essay on the theology of either Hebrews or Revelation
• A structural outline of either 1 John or James
• A Bible content examination
• A paper on Paul and his letters

Aune, D.E. The New Testament in Its Literary Environment. Westminster, 1987.
Banks, R. Paul’s Idea of Community. Hendrickson, 1994.
Freedman, D.N. The Anchor Bible Dictionary. Doubleday, 1992.
Horrell. An Introduction to the Study of Paul, T & T Clark, 2000
Hooker, Paul: A Short Introduction, One World Publications (a subdivision of Oxford) 2003
Meeks, W.A. The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul. Yale University Press, 1983.
Murphy-O’Conner, J. Paul the Letter Writer: His World, His Options, His Skills. Liturgical Press, 1995.

I am so truly and deeply blessed by this amazing community.

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